Hibiscus Drinks

Hibiscus Drinks

Enjoy the great taste & health benefits of hibiscus flowers. I discovered this flower in Costa Rica when it grew into my kitchen. Enjoy more Keto Drinks.

Hibiscus Tea

Easy medicinal tea

Hibiscus Juice

Keto juice recipe

Red Wine Hibiscus

Non-alcoholic drink

Chocolate Hibiscus Slushy

Delicious keto dessert

Hibiscus Berry Smoothie

Made with berries & cream

Hibiscus Cream Soda

Made with bubbly kombucha tea

Hibiscus Kombucha Tea

Probiotic hibiscus drink

Keto Smoothies

Creamy & delicious smoothies

 hibiscus drinks and hibiscus flower

I pressed this hibiscus flower into my cookbook 

Keto Milkshakes

Keto Milkshakes

Blueberry Ginger Smoothie

Blueberry Ginger Smoothie