Green Eggs and Ham

Green Eggs and Ham

Do you like green eggs and ham? I do so like green eggs and ham! Thank you! Thank you, Sam I-Am.


Keto Ingredients

Leafy Greens
2 Organic Eggs
1 tbsp Butter (Herb Butter)
2 strips Nitrate-Free Bacon
2 tbsp Heavy Cream
1 tbsp Pesto Sauce

Keto Cooking

Sauté leafy greens in butter for 1-2 minutes on high heat. Remove greens and add bacon. Cook until desired.

Fry eggs in bacon fat, butter & pesto sauce. Or scramble eggs with cream & pesto sauce. Vigorously beat the eggs & cream. Add the pesto sauce at the end. 

Keto Nutrition

Calories 585
Fat 53g
Net Carbs 1g
Protein 18g

If using cream for scrambled eggs, add 100 calories and 12g fat. 

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keto scrambled eggs and green eggs and ham with pesto
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