French Eggs

French Eggs

French eggs are a delicious variation on scrambled eggs. Continuously beat eggs on med/low heat until they become saucy. Add your favorite ingredients for endless variations. 

Keto Ingredients:

  • 1/2 tbsp Grass-Fed Butter (Herb Butter Recipe)
  • 2 Organic Eggs
  • 2 tbsp Heavy Cream
  • Fresh Herbs: Chives, Sage, Basil, Oregano, etc.
  • Himalayan Salt and Black Pepper
french eggs recipe for french-style eggs

Keto Cooking

Melt butter (herb butter) on med/low heat in a small pot. Vigorously beat eggs. Pour eggs into pot and continue to vigorously stir. Slowly add cream. Add chopped herbs. Keep stirring until eggs become thick and fluffy (3-5 min). Remove from heat. Salt & pepper.  

keto breakfast french eggs recipes

Cooking Tips: 

Vigorously stirring eggs adds air for fluffy texture. Sauté herbs on low heat for 1 minute to increase flavor and aroma.

Keto Nutrition:

  • Calories 290
  • Fat 25.5g
  • Net Carbs 2g
  • Protein 12g

Keto Meal Ideas

french eggs recipe for keto breakfast

Avocado, Creme Fraiche, Basil Pesto, Feta Cheese

french-eggs recipe for easy keto breakfast

Avocado, Lime, Hot Sauce, Cilantro

easy french eggs recipe and ketogenic recipes

Cheddar Cheese, Fresh Herbs, Toasted Walnuts

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